1.What are your store hours?We are open 10am till 8pm Monday through Saturday, and 11am till 6pm on Sunday.

2. Can I order items you do not have in stock?Yes, CD/DVD/Vinyl items can be ordered online. When in-store if you cannot find something, you can come up to the counter and ask if we can order it for you. You do not have to pay ahead! All you have to do is give the employee your name, phone numberand what you ordered. We will call you when it arrives at the store, you will pay for the item(s) then.

3.Why are some titles in-store unavaliable online?Our used inventory is constantly changing, therefore it would be too difficult for us to keep it updated online. Here at Spin Me Round we believe that part of the experience is finding, and seeing titles you haven't seen in years. It is a treasure hunt in a way.

4.Why are some titles available online, butwhen I visit the store it's unavailable?We only stock a portion of our distributor's catalogue available in-store. Online we have our entire distributor's cataloge available to shop through.

5.When is the best time to come trade in or sell my used items?There is always someone in-store qualified and available to do your buyback.

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